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K3MK Company is a cultural entity that puts at the center of its creative process the transdisciplinarity of the arts in order to propose to the public a new vision of the world and the issues that animate it.

Considering culture as a vector of social link, K3MK Company invites to the meeting and the discovery of the other, thus advocating the diversity and the cultural richness. Each work is a questioning, a space of sharing and co-construction putting the Spect-Actor at the heart of the artistic approach, thus favoring their instantaneous appropriation.

By initiating the bringing together of talents in the form of an artistic incubator, K3MK Company favors the emergence of innovative concepts free from disciplinary categorization.

Beyond the scenic works proposed by the Karry Kamal Karry Company, the artists are invited to enrich the repertoire of K3MK Company by participating in the elaboration of new concepts within the Art Performance Ensemble. They can also propose their own creation by responding to the calls for tenders of the Commende and New Productions division.

K3MK Company is particularly interested in the possibilities of real-time motion capture for live performance and digital production from a performing arts perspective.

Anticipating an unpredictable future, the company has decided to invest in the territories of digital art for dance, theater and performance. Confronted with the accessibility of the virtual reality audience, the company aims at accessible formats such as 2D projection for video mapping, cinema or online broadcasting. For example, ImproSessions by Ensemble Art Performance is an interactive, immersive, but also digital performance in real time.


The different structures of K3MK Company

Division #1 – Cie Karry Kamal Karry
Division #2 – Ensemble Art Performance (EAP)
Division #3 – K3+&Co I Commissions to artist researchers and creators
Division #4 – Lab Media Project I Cultural mediation laboratory

The transdisciplinary stakes of creation in the XXI century !

The artistic, cultural, philosophical, sociological and political issues of K3mk Company.

The stakes of the different divisions of K3MK Company: Cie Karry Kamal Karry, Ensemble Art Performance (EAP), K3+&Co – for the Commissions to artists researchers and creators and the Lab Media Project, a research laboratory in cultural mediation close to the different audiences want to be directly in the line of thought and philosophical, sociological, and political commitments of the economic and cultural project of its artistic director

The stakes of contemporaneity in the artistic creation of the XXIst century.

The notion of “contemporaneity” is frequently used to evoke today’s performing arts, and more specifically dance, theater, opera, music and digital art. But the relationship to modernity, to the avant-garde, to progress in art, as well as the relationship to tradition and social context, are constantly re-evaluated by the artists. The project of K3MK Company is to produce and disseminate international artistic creation focused on projects that cross disciplines – dance, theater, music, video, digital, etc. – and in line with the multidisciplinary approach of the group’s projects.

Lab Media Project

Lab Media Project

Aware that one is both receiver and actor, specialist and novice, formed of a thousand different identities, and pushing to this awareness, mediation is at the heart of K3MK Company’s creation process. This will wants to lead to the emergence of a public that is no longer a receiver but an actor.

Indeed, the actors of this project recognize in the research and production of knowledge and artistic expressions, the mode of operation of the most innovative part of our society, but do not forget that culture is a common production. With the will to explore further the modes of artistic production and to diffuse them in the society, they want to register their project of independent form in front of the cultural economic world as in front of the cultural policies, in order to contribute to the creation of a new public space, that of the public.