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Commissions and new productions

In parallel to the original creations of Karry Kamal Karry and the projects of the Art Performance Ensemble, K3MK Company sets up a system of commissions to young artists – national and international – in residence.

Encouraging artistic creation, these commissions also enrich the cultural repertoire of the Company and allow K3+&Co to propose each year, a rich and varied programming through works realized within the framework of punctual events, performances and reflection projects.

These commissions will be announced very soon via calls for projects.

Design of the K3+&Co control systems

It is composed of a commissioning system to organize a repertoire in order to enrich the heritage of K3MK Company.

K3MK Company welcomes artists in residence to create for the company. They come to create a commissioned work, for the time of a specific project, or for the occasion of an event or a performance, or to work on mediation and questions of body and society.

For its first edition, Division #3 – K3+&Co will commission artists each year, a rich and varied program resulting from the search for a balance between new creations by Karry Kamal Karry and commissions to talented artists in the service of art. Its mission is to promote K3MK Company on a national and international level.

During three years (2023/25) 10 artists and companies will collaborate and create new pieces for K3MK Company.

In addition, these ten artists and companies who will make the artistic actuality of K3MK Company will participate in the meetings of artists from one “Regard to another”. Gathered within small groups of partner programmers, the artists will present their universes and creations through discussions illustrated with extracts and videos of recent pieces.

From one ” Regard to another “, which will start with a meeting in Geneva, headquarters for the event, then Lausanne, Marseille, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Lyon, Paris, hosts throughout this period, professional meetings between programmers, round tables with artists on various themes, as well as ” FOCUS ” on artists’ projects. All these meetings allow invited international professionals to become familiar with creative processes and singular experiences in the fields of digital art, theater, dance, music, mediation or young audiences.

la-jeune-violoniste-fiona-monbet-participe-a-l-hommage-au-regrette-didier-lockwood-ce-soir-vendredi-dans-le-cadre-du-jazz-amarinois-photo-laura-bonnefous-1540397524 2

Between 2023 and 2026 : more than 10 commissions for young international artists

Commissioning of 10 short pieces of 10 to 20 minutes in relation to the major multidisciplinary projects:

1/ ImproSessions | 2023/24
The Impro-Sessions, of the Ensemble Art Performance is part of a dynamic of exchange and work allowing young talents to develop their artistic potential.
Call for tender in January 2023 for a realization in 2023/24

2/ FabriKaCorps+ | 2023/26
the body factory – factory-laboratory – research-creation around the body as an object of consumption (C.O.C.)

A European, itinerant and multidisciplinary project: artistic, scientific and cultural research-creation 
Call for tender in September 2023 for a realization in 2024/26

3/ Le Grand Chantier Sloterdijk | Peter Sloterdijk | 2024/26
commission to artists who collaborate with the company 
Call for tender in September 2023 for a realization in 2024/26