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Ensemble Art Performance I EAP

For more than fifteen years, Karry Kamal Karry has been developing performative installations for museums, galleries, heritage sites, parks and gardens, businesses and unusual places.

These installation-performances place the body as a plastic work to be visited.
In a continuous cycle of two to four hours, visitors are invited to experience the plastic and sensory relationships they have with dancers, actors, singers and musicians at work.

The Impro-Sessions of the Ensemble Art Performance is part of this dynamic of exchange and work allowing young talents to develop their artistic potential.

K3MK Company offers the possibility to artists to evolve in an experimental framework where artistic actions oscillating between danced exhibitions, interactive installations, structured improvisations, specific interventions in the public space and in the urban space are led. Here, the Spect-Actor is placed at the heart of the performance process.

Today, the Ensemble Art Performance initiates a new series of Impro-Sessions focused on electronic music. About twenty artists, all coming from different backgrounds – dancers, actors, singers, musicians, DJs, video artists, directors, painters, illustrators, designers, graphic artists, stylists – are part of this ensemble.

The EAP “Ensemble Art Performance” is an artistic project founded by Karry Kamal Karry. His desire is to share live art with as many people as possible, as simply as possible and above all by placing the spect-actor (public) at the center of the performance process.

To concretize this project, he leads artistic actions oscillating between danced exhibitions, interactive installations accessible to all and specific interventions with multidisciplinary artists.

As the meetings and projects progress, the group grows, the links are forged and everyone finds his place in this artistic micro society.

In this dynamic of exchange and work, the Ensemble Art Performance takes care to awaken young talents who share the same motivations, by integrating them into certain projects, thus offering them a real springboard towards the professional artistic world.


Project after project, the artists will reinvent the subject and the space they are given, under the participative gaze of the public.

About twenty artists, united artistically and humanly, are now part of the Ensemble Art Performance. All come from different backgrounds (dancers, actors, singers, musicians, writers, philosophers, sociologists, photographers, video artists, painters, illustrators, designers, graphic artists, web designers …).

The sessions take place in a given time-space and in a thoughtful place, in order to confront different universes in an experimental framework.


Impro-sessions is a project that aims to confront improvising artists of classical music, contemporary music, jazz, electronic music…, dance, theater, digital art in a given space-time and in a thinking place.

The Impro-sessions (performance concerts) will take place once a month from September 2023 to July 2023. Nearly 10 musicians, 10 dancers, 10 actors, 3 digital artists, 3 visual artists, 3 video artists… and surprise guests (who don’t know it yet), in other words, the public, will be invited as the performances progress.

The principle of the sessions is to start with a musician, a dancer, an actor, framed by a video-maker, a sound-maker and a digital artist, then to add new dancers, musicians, actors and other artists (disruptive elements) who will come to enrich, each month, the Impro-sessions.

The goal is to create a real network of exchanges between the artists, the public and the place invested until forming an “Art Performance Ensemble”. Along the way, the sessions will become richer and the challenge more complex.

Each committed artist accepts the game of stripping down, accepts to enter the matter without his usual components. They must also accept the constraint of the choice made by the public from a grid of proposals established by the “EAP” application of the project (live-digital). It is not the artists who decide to follow up on the situations and events, but the spect-actor, with the help of our “Maestro Enisu”, the developer of the application.