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Cie Karry Kamal Karry

Founded in 2001, the Karry Kamal Karry Company produces and disseminates the transdisciplinary stage works – dance, theater, opera, performance and music creation – of artist and researcher Karry Kamal Karry.

Since the creation of his company, Karry Kamal Karry has staged numerous performances, including Noire Trace (2001), Siamois § # 1 (2002), Bakémono § # 2 (2004), Improsessions (2005), ESSe § # (2006), S for M (2006), Les Pièces détachées (2008), Mutatis Mutantis (2009), Suite Noir traces and Bach’s Magnificat – BWV 243 (2011), Marguerite Duras’s La Maladie de la mort (2012). In 2015, Karry Kamal Karry signed Variations #3.0, based on Fragments d’un sacrifice created in 2013. These different creations have been broadcast nationally and internationally.


Today, through the elaboration of accessible and innovative creations, the Company imagines projects that revolve around the principle of sharing and exchange encouraging the meeting between live art and Spect-Actor. Thus, the spaces and the artistic imagination of the Company are renewed allowing the (re)discovery of a universe thought for the public.

For the year 2023, many projects are being created and will be announced very soon.

Created in 2001, the company produces and distributes the stage works of the artist Karry Kamal Karry, founder of the label [K3MK Group]. K3MK Company is attentive to the world of creation and cultural professionals, and captures the cultural trends in the making. It claims to be a living tool that questions received ideas, that questions itself and that constantly questions the world that surrounds us.

K3MK Company is a live performance company, part of K3MK Group in the cultural, creative and artistic industry and engineering. K3MK Company is also a company that commissions artists from various disciplines, hosts and organizes performances as well as artist residencies. K3MK Company, as a creative space and a performance space, works on theoretical, aesthetic and political research related to art and living issues.

In this period of development, restructuring and health crisis, we have decided to boost our production projects by going out to meet men and women, cultures and territories, with a view to creating a network on a national and international level.



By emphasizing a certain number of strong points in all the collaborations with our partners and which undoubtedly reinforces our development. Everything that can structure a project in cultural matters being a priority for K3MK Company, we are committed to participate in projects that play an essential role in the exposure of new contemporary aesthetic forms.

Let these territories, these audiences, these partners be as natural in the development of our project as those where we live. The development of new markets, new audiences and more broadly a cooperative approach that will include K3MK Comapny in broader development perspectives.

So that our practices and our production models are nourished by interactions with foreign countries and open up new avenues for developing innovative and unifying creative projects.


During the year 2023/24/25, many productions will be created in connection with the major multidisciplinary projects.

In fact, on some subjects, a great continuity will characterize the action of K3MK Company: the maximum artistic requirement, the diffusion of our productions by all the digital and audiovisual means, in particular in the social networks, the attention brought to the spectator and to the missions of cultural mediation and, on a more managerial plan, the necessity to develop the own resources of K3MK Company while reducing the production costs for a maximum of profit