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Karry Kamal Karry

[ Karry Kamal Karry ] is a multi-faceted artist-researcher – dancer, choreographer, director (theater/opera), filmmaker -, researcher-practitioner in ChoreOsophy (creative art and art therapy), producer, artistic director of K3MK Company and CEO of K3MK Group.

Karry Kamal Karry develops a transdisciplinary practice, using different media such as dance, theatre, music, performance, video, installation and sound. His work explores the question of the body, the intensity of the elements that define it and the historical evolutions that have radically transformed the contemporary understanding of the body-being and its relationship to the world.

Through his practice, he brings to light contemporary socio-political realities and the natural beauty of their brutality. His work takes the form of striking shows, performances, installations, videos and public interventions that question abstract notions of our reality, including life and death, or the living and the non-living, and how the world around us is shaped around these notions.


Indeed, after years of questioning and research on the place of the body in the world and the relationship that each person has with his own, he founded his method and philosophy, which he calls Choreosophy¹. Choreosophy, both a concentration technique and a return to the self, is the basis of his creative process and is deployed in all of his works where the body, beyond the visible and obvious one of the performer, is a space of metaphorical meaning or an autonomous object of study.

For Karry Kamal Karry, ChoreOsophy, “wisdom of the body”: art and science in transversal research, is the whole of practical and theoretical knowledge concerning the body – the being-body – in its relationship to art and life. Developed through his creations, this process, born from the general questioning on the man and the notion of “to be” – presence, takes shape through a singular experiment: a will to decondition the body. Marked by the currents of phenomenology and existentialism, ChoréOsophie is carried by a philosophy applied to creation and therapy, it is a way of conceiving the relationship of the living being to the world that surrounds him.

Laureate of the Villa Médicis (French Academy in Rome) – outside the walls – and in the continuity of his reflections on the body, Karry Kamal Karry, twenty-six years later, returns to the traces of his origins to set up a research laboratory, where he leads a reflection on identity on the question of What is a Comorian body here and there?

Karry Kamal Karry, shifts the usual reference points of the artist and the researcher. Intervening, in all his productions, as author, choreographer, director, scenographer, creator of the lighting, the spatialization of the sound and the costumes, each of his creations is based on the conception of a total and intense spectacle; an art form gathering all the artistic expressions.

Whatever genre Karry Kamal Karry approaches, he systematically shifts its boundaries. In this sense, he succeeds in overcoming the commonly accepted limits of a choreographer, director, filmmaker, researcher, the framework of arts and science.

By his will and determination, Karry Kamal Karry tries to impose himself as an actor wishing to bring his contribution to a cultural world in perpetual evolution. Thus, he puts his experience, knowledge and vision at the service of major international institutions such as UNESCO as a cultural advisor to the Permanent Delegation of Comoros and Vice-President of the Collective of the Heritage of Comoros.

After five long years of silence, Karry Kamal Karry resumed the path of research and creation with numerous projects of theater and opera staging, dance shows, film and documentary productions, and performance installations as well as conferences, seminars and master classes at the national and international level.

Karry Kamal Karry a choreographic artist – director of our time

“Creating is not a job, it is a way of life! I feel the need to do it and especially to make my return to the stage. It is such an important part of my life that it is as difficult for me to describe it as it is to express the world in which I live.

The triptych portrait of Karry Kamal Karry, choreographer-director, allows us to better understand an artist of our time, capable of expressing himself through the most diverse mediums, from performance, improvisation-structured, to instantaneous composition, passing through all the most suggestive resources of creation. The adventure he has been leading in the field of performing arts for twenty years is unique, linked to the need to make and speak about the world of today. With his return to creation, but especially to the stage, Karry Kamal Karry has considerably broadened his expressive palette, giving each project a powerful artistic identity, conferring on these creations an eloquent atmosphere, between the shadow of guilt and the light of resilience, and thus raising each project to the level of a universal tragedy and confirming the richness of his creative inspiration, attentive to the movements of the soul, the pulsations of the body and the transformations of nature.

The personality of Karry Kamal Karry, disconcerts, attracts and impresses by its multiple facets, its richness, its radicality, its sensitivity, its need to communicate…
Beyond words, through his questioning. His approach has developed by articulating himself to different artistic fields (dance, music, theater, improvisation, performance, installation, realization…). This lively requirement in act shows that for Karry Kamal Karry life has always been made of art: creating is always moving, moving forward, moving ideas, lines. It is necessarily to act.

“I am one of those who believe in the time and maturation of the work of research – creation as a laboratory.

The quest of the being-body, the being-in-the-world, of a new world where Karry Kamal Karry is engaged takes multiple paths. He practices all kinds of artistic and scientific disciplines that are constantly intertwined, what he can not express in one area will be formulated in another. These exchanges run through his projects and it is Karry Kamal Karry’s art as a whole that initiates a dialogue of the most diverse fields.

Karry Kamal Karry questions the body in its daily reality. A reflection on the body and its relationship to the world… It is through his relationship to time, both as history and as artistic time, that one must first grasp Karry Kamal Karry’s approach, whose path and personal destiny are nevertheless marked between South and North. By his triple belonging to the Western, Comorian and African cultures. Time before space, time to master, transcend and finally overthrow for the benefit of art and science. The innumerable contradictions born of the
uprooting and the passage, between three civilizations, three cultures, to think the art, the science and the life. For to see all the richness, depth and delicacy of her research process, but also the anxiety and violence that inhabit Karry Kamal Karry’s questioning, it is necessary to understand the very particular nature of her relationship to history and tradition.

Karry Kamal Karry’s research process is first and foremost a thought, a sound, a movement, a day-to-day journey, based on a gesture of absolute radicality. A research, in the literal sense, of the senseless: that which is not previously inhabited by meaning. It is not a paradox. Rather, it is a primary necessity: for this artist-researcher, deeply inhabited by history and his own responsibility in relation to the traditions of which he is the custodian, invention passes first through the destruction of any pre-established form. This approach allows him to create in the moment something infinite, a moment of life shared with others, his approach creates a kind of poetics of instantaneous metaphysics.