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Karry Kamal Karry


[ Karry Kamal Karry ] is a protean artist-researcher – dancer, choreographer, stage director (theatre/opera), director, research practitioner in ChoreOsophie (creative art and art therapy), producer, artistic director of K3MK Company and president-CEO of K3MK Group.

Karry Kamal Karry develops a transdisciplinary practice, using different media such as dance, theatre, music, performance, video, installation and sound. His work explores the question of the body, the intensity of the elements that define it and the historical evolutions that have radically transformed the contemporary understanding of the body-being and its relationship to the world.

Through his practice, he brings to light contemporary socio-political realities and the natural beauty of their brutality. His work takes the form of striking shows, performances, installations, videos and public interventions that question abstract notions of our reality, including life and death, or the living and the non-living, and how the world around us is shaped around these notions.

K3MK Group

Karry Kamal Karry cultivates entrepreneurship

Founder and CEO of K3MK Group, a cultural group

Karry Kamal Karry has extensive professional experience in the field of investment, cultural and social strategy. At the age of twenty, he created a company of live shows, a production company and a research laboratory in ChoreOsophie – in creative art and art therapy. For him, culture is an economy like any other.

Its action is based on the principles of innovation, autonomy and horizontality both in its internal organisation and in its relationship to society. Its goal is to make viable another model of responsible, autonomous cultural production, capable in fact of considering and integrating the public as full actors of a moving and multiple community.

For Karry Kamal Karry, “the world of K3MK GROUP is a world where preconceived ideas are made to be shaken. A world where the cultural machine is not the law, but where intellectual curiosity and intuition invent the lifestyles of tomorrow. A world where we look far ahead and not behind. A world committed to the values of transparency and authenticity, entirely focused on the well-being of the new generations through various sectors of cultural, commercial, industrial and service activities.”


Dance I Theater I Opera


2000: Limbes-Limbus
2001: Noir Trace…
2002: Siamese [ § #1 ]
2004: Bakemono [ § #2 ]
2005: Impro-Sessions
2006: eSSe – The Matrix of Angels [ § #3 ]
2008: Spare parts
2009: ‘Mutatis Mutandis
2011: Suite Noir Traces…
2012: A Rogue Animal
2013: Fragments of a sacrifice
2013: OWNI – Unidentified Wivant Object
2015: Variations #3.0
2016: Flash Krash #2.0 – Body

Theater I Opera

2001: The Declaration of Dishonour
2002: «October 1961»
2003: «Sabra and chatillat, Palestinians»
2003: A scene for Medea
2006: S for M – Opera by Michèle Reverdy “Médée”
2008: The Disease of Death
2010: Someone will come from Jon Fosse

2011: Melancholia of Jon Fosse
2012: Variations on the death of Jon Fosse
2013: The trilogy of spheres by Peter Sloterdijk
2014: Maritime ode by Fernando Pessoa
2014: The book of intranquility by Fernando Pessoa
2015: Interior by Maurice Maeterlinck
2016: The Brutality of Fact I based on “Cicatrices”. Alain-Kamal Martial